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Our Businesses

The Nicholby’s brand success is based on our operational formula which is adapted to meet the specific needs of customers in various locations – but still maintaining the consistent Nicholby’s high standards of quality, value and customer service excellence.

The majority of our locations are franchise owned and operated. This personal pride of ownership and hands-on involvement is crucial to the success of the Nicholby’s brand in every market where our stores are – and is seen by our customers every day – at every Nicholby’s location.

There are three specific Nicholby’s brand stores: Nicholby’s Convenience, Nicholby’s Gift and Nicholby’s Souvenir. Each caters to the specific needs of their local market and the products offered are varied accordingly; sold and controlled by Nicholby’s state-of the art franchise management systems.

Stores are tailored to meet consumer needs at the specific  location. This can include a  selection of convenience products that may include beverages, confectionery and snacks, news and magazine publications and a variety of popular convenience offerings. The product mix offered will vary depending on the location – but the Nicholby’s brand consistency never varies.

Nicholby’s Gift shops are different in that they cater to the needs of a more specific audience where they are situated. For example these are found in locations where customers can buy from a tailored  convenience selection. This may also include cards, flowers, reading materials and other convenient selections that are appropriate for the venue.

Nicholby’s Souvenirs caters to a different need and depends again on where the stores are located.

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